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HTG Chatroom

There are two ways to enter and use the HTG Chatroom. One is through a Flash based webpage and the other is through mIRC Chat interface. Both have there own ups and downs, but no matter which one you use you will be connected to the community. The chat is a great place to go meet other players, ask questions and be involved with trivia games and "Casino" nights for HTG related prizes and money.

We have two different versions of the Flash chat, one with a large chat window and one with a small chat window. Depending on your screen size, one might work better for you than the other one.

Or if you use mIRC, here is the needed info:

CHANNEL: #htgchat

If you have any questions or trouble getting into the chat, feel free to post on our Help Me! forum.

Updated on 11/29/13!

If the above chatroom is ever down, we have a back up chatroom located here.